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Sub Space

As curiosity of the BDSM scene increases, more of our customers experimenting with BDSM relationships and asking questions about different BDSM practices, namely sub space. For those who haven’t heard of this term, sub space is described as a psychological state or trance achieved by the submissive as they progressively detach from the scene.  

As the submissive experiences a combination of pleasure and pain, a rush of endorphins and adrenalin are released into the body. This natural painkiller creates feelings of mental detachment and euphoria, leading to an increase in pain tolerance and creating a trance-like state.

Experts have likened this psychological state to that of experiencing a powerful high usually experienced during drug use or after intense exercise. Each experience differs according to each individual but subs have admitted feeling incredibly carefree and exhilarated during detached this mental state. During deep trances, subs have experienced full body paralysis and loss of the ability to communicate. This must be borne in mind when relying on communication or gestures for safe words.

This euphoric state can last for hours after the scene and in some cases, days.


Many of our readers have asked how they can reach this euphoric state. However, there are no set techniques for reaching this level of consciousness. Your reaction relies on your natural responses and the chemical reaction of your body. This is very difficult to determine as we all react differently in similar situations, it’s what makes us unique. Some subs have argued that the harder you try to reach sub space, the more elusive it becomes. Instead, they encourage seekers to relax into the moment and let nature take its course.

Building up a deep and trusting relationship with your Dom will help towards achieving sub space. Engaging with an individual who cares for you and provides a safe, reassuring environment will help you feel more relaxed and centred during a scene. This in turn, helps to quieten your mind so you can concentrate on the experience.

One sub swears by the technique of building up from a slow punishment to much harder play. He believes that this helps to ease him into an altered mental state. However, another sub prefers using immediate intense pain (such as that with a cane) to cause a rush of adrenalin and endorphins. Therefore, the key to working towards sub space requires experimentation and lots of patience.

Another tip for those seeking sub space is mediation. Meditation teaches a submissive how to quieten the mind and focus on the moment. This is a useful technique for those seeking an altered state of mental awareness.

There are many levels of subspace and each produces a different reaction in the submissive. Your Dom must continually assess your physical reactions during a scene to determine your level of subspace, thus ensuring that you have the relevant supervision and aftercare.

Aftercare and Sub Drop

Some of the signs of reaching sub space are:

  • Light headedness
  • Disassociation
  • Inability to speak
  • Inability to feel sensation
  • Out of body experience
  • Hyperactivity
  • Giggling
  • Loss of time
  • Peace and tranquillity

This list is not exhaustive as each experience is different. However, all states of sub space require aftercare and supervision.

Sub space can continue for days or hours after play with some individuals experiencing a feeling of exhilaration long after play has finished. Aftercare is important to ensure that the both the Dom and submissive receive the correct physical and emotional support after a physically and mentally charged experience. This can be as simple as providing First Aid and refreshment or as deep as providing loving physical contact and reassurances of love. This type of support may be required in the immediate aftermath of play or during that days that follow if one party is feeling vulnerable. This of course, depends on the needs of each individual as there are no set rules.

Negotiating aftercare before service ensures that each party receives the correct level of support and feels completely satisfied with the experience. However, in the hours or days after the experience, some subs have experienced something called sub drop. This is a depressive state caused by the sudden drop in endorphins. In cases of sub drop, more intensive and prolonged care may be required.

During sub drop, individuals have reported feelings of depression, tiredness and isolation and tearfulness. The Dom must be on hand to provide reassurance and emotional support during this time to help the submissive recover their equilibrium. Providing a good standard of aftercare to both parties builds a powerful bond between Dom and sub, thus enriching the relationship between the couple. The sub is reassured that the Dom is committed to providing a safe environment and the Dom is assured that they also have emotional support when they require it.

Aftercare is also important because it opens the lines of communication between the Dom and sub so they can build on the shared experience. Discussing the scene helps you to ascertain the aspects which worked and those that didn’t. This in turn, creates a more relaxed experience in the future and an increased chance of reaching sub space at a later date.

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